We have targets. 

Our Beginnings

A Bold New Vision.

Stretch Targets was founded by Dave Baskerville, a native Wisconsinite who spent 40 years working in international business before returning to his hometown in Madison to work as a consultant. During his career, Dave visited more than 100 countries, observing offices, factories, and organizations, and inquiring about education standards, worker skills, and economic growth.

As he compared Wisconsin to neighboring states and other nations, he became increasingly concerned. ln recent decades, Wisconsin's economic growth has slowed and student test scores have lagged. As he talked with economists, business people, and eduCators, Dave understood that in order to change the trajectory of his beloved state, Wisconsin required a bold new vision.

Our Approach

Stretching For Success.

Stretch Targets are long-term, ambitious goals that often utilize strengths and resources that are already available. This radical tool has long been a way to address complex problems in businesses, non-profit organizations, and even sports teams. So, why not apply it to states? As a volunteer-led organization, Stretch Targets focuses its efforts on two goals that provide all Wisconsinites with a clear sense of direction and mutually agreed-upon vision:

  1. Raise Wisconsin’s per capita income
  2. Raise Wisconsin’s student test scores in math, science and reading

Stretch Targets has identified key metrics in order to track progress on these goals and hold state leaders accountable. We provide updates on these metrics to a variety of interested stakeholders, including parents, educators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. We invite and encourage all Wisconsinites, regardless of political affiliation, to push legislators, educators, and policy makers to embrace this vision and focus on the most effective ways to achieve a stronger, more competitive Wisconsin.

Our Mission

Educate. Collaborate. Motivate.

We believe that Wisconsin can return to economic and educational excellence We are committed to uniting all stakeholders around visionary goals, and collaborating with others to encourage engagement and activism. We use key metrics to measure progress and to hold our state leaders accountable.

Our Staff

Working Together.

Executive Director Donna Moreland is a long-time public servant who was recently elected to serve as an Alderwoman for Madison’s City Council. Whether working in business or civic organizations, Donna has always emphasized the importance of collaboration, fiscal responsibility, and transparency. As an advocate for equitable and inclusive communities, she believes that all Wisconsinites can benefit from a united commitment to educational and economic excellence.

You can reach Donna at donna@stretchtargets.org.