Ignite Change.
Stretch For Success.

Wisconsin will be an economic and educational leader if we ignite positive change in our beloved state.

Our mission is to advance a long-term vision of Wisconsin by improving access to public data and enlisting Wisconsinite’s support of targeted goals.

From student test scores to business innovation, Wisconsin has been slowly slipping behind other states for several decades. But that past doesn't have to become Wisconsin's future.

1. Increase Wisconsin’s per capita income.
2. Increase Wisconsin’s student test scores. 


Stretch Targets has identified key metrics in
order to track progress on these goals and hold
state leaders accountable. We provide updates
on these metrics to a variety of interested
stakeholders, including parents, educators,
entrepreneurs, and business leaders.
We invite and encourage all Wisconsinites,
regardless of political affiliation, to
push educators, legislators, and policy makers to
embrace this vision and focus on the most
effective ways to achieve a stronger, more competitive Wisconsin

Fewer than half of Wisconsin students scored high enough to be considered proficient in math and reading.

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