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  • Status Quo Vs “The Democratization of Education“
    Jonathan Siddharth: And there’s another reason, also technology-driven, why boundaryless teams are possible now — the democratization of education for software engineers. Almost every university that matters now allows exclusively online education. You can attend Stanford from Nigeria or Oxford from El Salvador. The smartest companies have expanded their... Read more »
  • Civics: money, influence, Policy And spending more in Madison
    Matt Stoller: And all the time, whether in farm country or steel country, the closed independent shop and the collapsed bank were as much monuments to the new political order as the sprouting number of Walmarts and the blizzard of junk-mail credit cards from Citibank. As Terkel put it,... Read more »
  • Coalition alleges Taxpayer supported Racine school district ‘completely left out’ community in planning
    Adam Rogan: A local education coalition is planning to file a complaint with the state alleging that the Racine Unified School District failed to include the community in its planning processes and didn’t follow federal requirements as a result. Representatives of the group planning to file the complaint, the... Read more »
  • Anatomy of the city’s rampant educational fraud
    Bob McManus: Edelman reports that, according to the rules, students must “meet class standards” to earn graduation credits, never mind that “standards” in city schools are notoriously undemanding. And when an actual classroom presence is not among them, you get the idea. In practice, kids who miss weeks, sometimes... Read more »
  • Stop helicoptering other people’s kids
    Larol Markowicz: By the time I was 9, growing up in a far more dangerous Brooklyn than is home to my children, I was going to the movies alone — and sometimes taking my 4-year-old brother with me. My daughter spent days planning her mostly rainbow outfit. They were... Read more »
  • “Multiculturalism has failed”
    Sabine Siebold: She said too little had been required of immigrants in the past and repeated her usual line that they should learn German in order to get by in school and have opportunities on the labor market. The debate over foreigners in Germany has shifted since former central... Read more »
  • Regulatory Environment: State Mandated Entrepreneurship
    Christian Britschgi: Companies in San Francisco might soon to be required to get a permission slip from the city before rolling out their new innovations in public spaces. On Tuesday, Norman Yee, president of the city’s Board of Supervisors, introduced a bill that would create the Office of Emerging Technology... Read more »