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  • Demographic Decline and the End of Capitalism as We Know It
    Zachary Karabell: For most of human history, the world’s population grew so slowly that for most people alive, it would have felt static. Between the year 1 and 1700, the human population went from about 200 million to about 600 million; by 1800, it had barely hit one billion. Then,... Read more »
  • Is it time to shed our anonymity online?
    Michael Skapinker: Reading about the 19th century battles between Noah Webster and his many enemies, real and imagined, I was struck by the famed American lexicographer and others’ frequent resort to the anonymous article. In 1834, an article in a Massachusetts periodical accused Joseph Worcester, Webster’s mild-mannered rival, of “gross... Read more »
  • The ‘Moneyball’ A’s Find a New Inefficiency: Other Teams’ Players
    Jared Diamond: Early in the movie “Moneyball,” Brad Pitt’s Billy Beane sits in front of a room of befuddled old-school scouts and delivers the message that has defined the real-life Oakland Athletics for nearly two decades. “If we try to play like the Yankees in here,” Oakland’s heralded executive says,... Read more »
  • Civics: I lost my job for keeping Charlottesville police accountable. I’d do it again
    Molly Conger: When the editor of a weekly paper approached me about writing a regular column about local politics, the first thing I asked her was: “Are you sure you know what you’d be getting yourself into?” That was February. I had been live-tweeting Charlottesville city government meetings for a... Read more »
  • The Triple 7 Kanji List
    Japanese Complete: Based on a report from 2000 that analyzed a large corpus of Japanese text, it says that at roughly the 750-800 character line, 90% of kanji occurrences in the wild are covered. By looking at the cumulative frequency of characters, the efficacy of learning the most frequent kanji... Read more »
  • Cryptic, allusive messages from Hong Kong’s wealthiest tycoon
    Victor Maier: People have been wondering when Hong Kong’s magnates would speak out on the prolonged protests in their city. Finally one has. That’s Li Ka-shing, the richest of them all: “HK Billionaire Li Ka-Shing Breaks Silence Over Protests” (8/15/19 newscast on YouTube). He took out full page advertisements (both... Read more »
  • Civics & First amendment: Facebook pulls Trump campaign ad violating platform’s policy
    Owen Daugherty: Facebook has reportedly pulled an ad for President Trump’s reelection campaign after it violated the platform’s advertising policies. Popular Info reported Monday that Facebook pulled the Trump ad because it violated a policy that prohibits ads targeting “personal attributes.” The ad in question featured a crowd of... Read more »