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  • Study: $3.2B in Economic Benefits with the growth of school choice
    Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty: On the first day of National School Choice Week, a new study (here) estimates how further growth of Wisconsin’s parental choice programs could result in $3.2 billion in new economic benefits to Wisconsin over the next two decades. Ripple Effect, authored by Will Flanders, PhD, builds upon... Read more »
  • Seattle teacher and activist tells local educators to rebuild school systems to be equitable
    Shanzeh Ahmad: The four demands are: end zero-tolerance policies, mandate black history and ethnic studies, hire more black teachers and increase funds for counselors in schools instead of police. There are several ways school communities can take part in the Week of Action, Hagopian said, such as wearing the Black... Read more »
  • Reader’s workshop: The science denial curriculum
    Robert Pondisco: I owe my education career to reader’s workshop, the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, and its founder Lucy Calkins. I started as a mid-career switcher with a two-year commitment to teach fifth grade in a South Bronx public school. Two things about my school are worth knowing:... Read more »
  • Profligacy for Austerity?
    Bryan Caplan: Suppose you strongly desire to drastically increase the amount of education that people consume.  What should you do? The obvious answer: Make education completely free of charge – and have the government pay the the entire cost. I say this obvious answer is obviously right.  As I... Read more »
  • Is a supermarket discount coupon worth giving away your privacy?
    David Lazarus: Most large companies doing business in California are required by the state’s new privacy law to disclose what they know about customers and how that information is used. This resulted in fairly straightforward announcements by many businesses. Then there’s Ralphs, the supermarket chain owned by Kroger. Customers recently... Read more »
  • Information Suppression in Academia and Peer Review
    The Portal: There was however, a remarkable story of science at its both best and worst that had not been told in years. After an initial tussle, we dusted off the cobwebs and decided to reconstruct it raw and share it with you, our Portal audience, for the first time. I... Read more »
  • CBS Anchor to Warren: Are You Saying ‘Tough Luck’ to People Who Saved for College?
    Andrew Kugle: CBS anchor Tony Dokoupil on Friday asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) about her exchange with a father who accused Warren of hurting people who saved for college. “For Americans who are in that father’s position, who felt they did the right thing and you’re bailing out those... Read more »